About Us

Rocketman fireworks has been in the pyrotechnics industry since 2011 but is backed with over 30 years of experience with highly qualified staff specialising in theatre and staging pyrotechnics and professional fireworks displays.

We have 2 main divisions of Rocketman:


We have 2 well established retail shops that have some of the best choices in garden fireworks. Every year we hand pick a range to offer our customers that will hopefully offer an experience that will create memories to last a lifetime. We don’t bother with the lame stuff like supermarkets do, we aim much higher to make sure that you get an amazing display at home at great prices. Customers come back to us again and again knowing that we have the biggest and best that are available. 

Along with the Bridgwater shop having an all year round selling licence we are open during normal office hours all year round with extended hours during the busy season. The Taunton shop is open during the season, but with the ability to offer delivery you can rest assured you can get great fireworks at any time.

Here at Rocketman we like to go a little further than others and if you need some fireworks when the shop is shut either give us a call or message our Facebook page and if we are local we will come and open up.  As a customer that may have little or no experience with fireworks all of our staff are happy to talk through a fireworks selection/ display and discuss safety issues that may arise. With years of pyrotechnics experience you can be sure that safety always comes first.

Professional Displays

We offer a complete package when it comes to a professional fireworks display, and we offer different levels of displays to allow you to choose a package to suit your budget.

With a huge choice of colours, effects and noise levels we can custom build a display to fit any event, even to accent the colours in a wedding theme.  Wedding displays are categorised in to 3 main packages of Bronze, Silver and Gold to help couples choose the best option for their big day. All 3 include a site safety visit before the event to ensure that the site is suitable for the type of fireworks to be used, and for us to check the location for other safety issues. We can then custom build the display to meet all the needs, wants and expectations for the day. We will also notify the local authorites to ensure everything goes without problems.

Depending on location we will notify the AA (Aviation Authority), Coast Gaurd, Firebrigade and police. Also the local area will be canvassed to notify any farms that may have animals and homes for the elderly. Rocketman fireworks is also covered by a £10 million liability insurance so you know you are in good hands. With all displays we will do risk assessments and method statements that are available on request.

We also offer packages for Corporate events, Retail festive lights switch on and Product launches. The ability to create special effects allows us to offer a bespoke service to make any event really spectacular. From a small fountain or Catherin wheel to create a focal point right up to huge 6 inch shells travelling over 400m into the sky to let everyone know that you have launched that new product we have it all covered.