Professional Firework Displays

At Rocketman, we have a professional fireworks display division. If your looking for professional fireworks display for a wedding, party or other spectacular event, we have years of experience with this. We work with you to design a display and make sure your ideas come to life.

When it comes to displays pricing, for a professional fired display the minimum budget we work with is £1000. Despite this, if you budget is less than this, we can work with you and design a display from our retail firework selection. You can then self-ignite this display and enjoy a Cat 3 firework display. 

For budgets over £1000, you will receive the following services below. Due to it being professionally fired by our fully trained pyrotechnicians, we are able to use Cat 4 professional display fireworks. Following our site visit, we can work out what sized shell we can use – for instance a 50m safety distance we can use 2″ shells. For a 150m safety distance, we can use 6″ shells. This will also depend on the length of display wanted and budget due to bigger shells being more expensive. 

If you have one of our professionally fired displays, our service includes: