FAQ/Help Centre

Yes we do! Due to fireworks being classed as explosives, we carry out delivery with our own driver and vehicle. Because of this, we only deliver to select postcodes. To view more details, click here.  

To light a cake, you first peel back the orange tag to reveal the fuse. After making sure the firework is secure and won’t topple over (you can use blocks or pegs), you then light the fuse. 

Make sure you don’t light the reverse fuse, as this will light it backwards.

To use a rocket safely, you first secure the tube in the ground. Make sure this is secure and won’t fall over. You then put the rocket inside the tube and light the fuse. 

Our handheld fireworks are sparklers. We have two different sizes of sparklers. You can view them here.

You can return un-used fireworks, but you must contact us within 7 days of purchase. The items then must be in original packaging and condition. We charge a 20% restocking fee for returned items.